Enjoy the nature and have fun with your family through the different activity programs offered by “Colours’ Chalet”. You could schedule your holidays while swimming in the summer and skiing in winter. Lie down in vast meadows with wild flowers and poppies, escaping from the tense and bustle of the city. Select one from the following activities and leave it to our responsibility to make it come true. The mountain of Zireia awaits you during the winter or/and summertime in order to be explored.

1. Excursion to the monastery with “krifo scholio” and to Doksa Lake

Departure from the lodge toward Doksa Lake, you will see many small wonderful villages, until we get to the dam, after 40 minutes by car. In the center of the lake there is Saint Fanourios’ tabernacle. A little bit higher is Saint George’s church, which has the old type of school. The old type of school during war period was called “krifo scholio”. The unprecedented beauty makes you wonder if what you see is real or not!

2. Riding

“Colours’ Chalet” in collaboration with the local horseback riding club organises brief rides in the mountains of 30 min duration, or long ones lasting 60 min. We could also organise for you and your company mountain hiking, horseback riding or competitions. Every summer, in Zireia, an event with horses is organised; every part of Korinthia region participates.

The activities with the horses take place almost all year round. Together with your reservation you could ask for participation in the program of your preference and enjoy the intense experience of riding. The association with horses calms down children and adults alike, while countryside revives them.

3. Hiking

Discover the mountain paths by reaching the top of Zireia. On the way up you will meet various animals such as foxes, semi wild horses and free cows, while you enjoy the firry forests.

In the Chalet you will find equipment and a guide for such an escape. The only thing you need is physical fitness and mood for new discoveries. From April until September we organise overnight stays in the mountains (minimum 3 overnight stays in the mountains and two in the Chalet) with games for children and adults such as the treasure hunting, with a lot of gifts for the winners.

4. Archery and Shooting

We organise for you and your company courses and one two-day Archery or Shooting tournament in the installations of the Chalet with many prizes for the winners and losers as well. Do not miss the opportunity for such a duel!!!!!!!

5. Daseiou Lake in the winter time

Passage: In the winter, you live a real fairy tale; snow covers all over the landscape; when you see the frozen lake you will be excited. The magic scene offers the opportunity to the visitors not only to walk around but other options as well, like playing with the snow, construct snowy images and live unforgettable moments. The lake is 25 minutes by car from chalet. We organize excursions all seasons. During summer time, there is no water in the lake, so visitors can take the advantage for extreme driving by car or motor bikes.

6. Skiing

From December until March you can enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding in the athletic centre in Zireia just fifteen minutes from “Colours’ Chalet”. There are a lot of natural paths for children and adults; it is estimated the works to have been completed by 2010.

In the available cafeteria you can also find coffee, toasted sandwich, refreshments and sweets. In August, while watching the moon lighting up the forest, when there is full moon, a whole night celebration is organised for people in love.

7. Snowmobile

Live like the Finnish; move around with snowmobiles. There is also the possibility of a ride for our young friends. You can find snowmobiles at the ski centre and you will love them.

“Colours’ Chalet” organises walks to the lake and the surrounding regions (prior agreement with reservations department).

8. 4Χ4 and off road activities in Winter and Summer

For the fans of mechanically-driven sports there are also the widely known 3-wheel or 4-wheel motorbikes for endless rides, in snowy roads in winter and in the forest during summer.

Also, in summertime, there is the possibility of arranging longer drives and visits in other villages. Information may be obtained from the reservations department of “Colours’ Chalet”.