Leaving behind us the three districts we continue up the steep paved road leading to the heart of the second highest mountain in the Peloponnese, the large plateau and ravine Ziria Flabouritsa. The area is perfect for lovers of hiking, having a large network of paths leading to the valley Flabouritsa, unique habitat, which is the core of the region, and is integrated into the network NATURA 2000. You can also head to the lake Dasiou, with gorgeous meadows with wildflowers and also to the top of the mountain that is 2,374 m. above sea level, from where the view is unobstructed from Taygetos all the way to Olympus.

Do not forget to visit the cave of Hermes west of Flabouritsa, famous for it’s depth and booths with many colorful stalactites. Here, according to legend, was born psychopomp Hermes of the nymph Maia. The descent into the cave requires extreme caution and special equipment.

The slopes from the small shelter and up to the top of the mountain are great for skiing, so if the weather permits it you can enjoy the snow.

Significant interest is the ascent from the village of Manna to the steep peaks of Little Zireia, at 2,127 m. On the mountain there are many forest roads, you can follow them and get to know beautiful places, with prominent route that crosses the plateau and leads Goura, through a lush pine forest. Following this route if you are lucky you may even see the semi-wild horses in the area.