All wooden parts of the Chalet came from Finland and they were constructed by whole tree trunks of forest pine trees. These trees have completely straight trunks with height of tens of metres grown in Central and Northern Finland in forests planted specifically for exploitation.

The resistance of this particular kind of timber prevents deterioration because of time. Moreover, the initial treatment of raw material in the factory and the application of the suitable preservative during assembly protect from any future harm.

Wood as a construction material is healthy and ecological with natural attributes of heat insulation and sound proofing. The wooden rooms of Chalet have been designed so as to endure hot and humid climates as well as temperatures that reach -60°C.

None of the construction materials used for the building of the Chalet is toxic; on the contrary, they all are absolutely environmentally-friendly.

The Chalet was built according to the regulations and the specifications of Institute of constructional information of General Industry of Finland group (SFS 4895 RT 14-104E RT 82-1041E). The “Colours’ Chalet” fulfils all currently effective specifications, regulations and legislations in Greece and European Union.

The concrete (cement) that was used for the construction of the Chalet has forces C20-25 that amounts to 300 kilos of cement per cubic metre. It has complete anti earthquake specifications and all positive aspects derived from the fact that it was built simultaneously (pillars and plates together). Its reinforcement is of iron F16-f18 Sthal from Greek steelworks.

The stone that was used in the Chalet was mined from the local mountain (Zireia) and was thus applied with 20 cm thickness providing better heat insulation on the ground floor. Back from the period of Notaradon the stone from Zireia was still number one preference due to its hardness and resistance.

The plaster planks that were used internally on the first floor (dry construction) are based on KNAUF specifications with F-90 in fire resistance and sound proofing from 38 up to 42 DB.